Pet Rescue Charity

Precious Pets is comprised of a team of true animal lovers and as such, we do not just care about the well being of the animals in our facility, we care about all animals and enjoy doing whatever we can to help improve the lives of animals all over. Precious Pets has worked with the HSNY in bathing grooming many neglected, homeless dogs in desperate need of make over's in an effort to make them more adoptable and increase their chances of finding homes.

We have raised money for organizations such as the 11th Hour Animal Rescue and Save a Vet organization with our Santa Paws and Halloween fundraisers. To find out more about these wonderful organizations or to donate, please check out their websites at: &

Precious Pets looks forward to discovering new and fun ways we can help helpless animals.


Donations were made in exchange for a pet pic taken with Santa Paws and all the proceeds went to 11th Animal Rescue,  an organization that works effortlessly to save dogs from death row.    The event was a success, but as their motto says, “not until every cage is empty”  will the shelter no longer need your help.  So if you’d like to know more about or donate to the cause, please check out their website at: