"My little puppy goes to daycare here 5 days a week and I could not be happier! She drags me to daycare every morning and is so happy to see the staff. This place is beautiful inside and a great place for doggies to play. The staff is extremely attentive and caring. Can't imagine a better place for my precious doodle. Oh and the videos they post on facebook of the doggies playing is awesome!"

Basia B. (New York, NY)

"I recently moved to Manhattan from upstate ny. I needed a doggie daycare for my two dogs. I read a lot of reviews and as always you find good and bad about everyone. But i liked what i read about precious pets and thought i would give it a try. Boy did I luck out with this place. The staff are really animal lovers and they took their time introducing my two dogs to the other dogs because my dogs were from the country and had never been around this many dogs before. By their third visit it was like they had been there their entire lives. They love going there and are always so happy when I drop them off there in the mornings. When I pick them up at night they are so calm and relaxed and tuckered out from playing with their friends all day. They also have a wonderful groomer on the premises, who i am totally pleased with. I couldn't ask for more."

Anna G. (New York, NY)