Cageless Boarding

Precious Pets now offers cageless boarding in our newly renovated facility. Pets are supervised and cared for 24-hours a day by our loving pet care specialists.

They have the run of the entire daycare and play all day with their other boarding buddies. At night, they settle down in the back daycare room where they can cozy up and sleep on the bed of their choice, although, most prefer to cozy up with our loving daycare attendants instead. Of course, if your pet feels safer and more secure sleeping in an enclosed environment, we can arrange for your pet to sleep in his own private quarters as well.

All the pet care specialists here at Precious Pets are exceptional. Between their genuine love for animals and their devotion to keeping them comfortable, safe and happy, you can rest assured that while your pet is in our care they will have a positive, tail wagging experience.

Your "precious pet" will love spending the night in bed with one of our loving staff members

Boarding Prices and Policies


In case of emergency Animal Medical Center on 62nd Street will provide 24 hour emergency care if needed. Precious Pets is not liable for any medical bills.

We prefer you supply us with your pets own food and treats as we don't not want to be responsible for disrupting dogs stomach with something it doesn't normally eat and risk returning your pet to you with a wonderful case of diarrhea.